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  • Masonic High Quality Real Soft Leather Wallet
    Masonic High Quality Real Soft Leather Wallet

    A Quality hand-made real soft leather Black Masonic wallet. The wallet has credit card slots, note slots and on front side a embossed detailed square & compass. The logo is embossed and will not fade like some printed cheaper options available.

    349,00 DKK
  • Zippo masonic ligther
    Zippo masonic ligther

    Genuine Zippo ligther with engraved sq and compass in high gloss polished crome or brushed steel.Zippo lighters are still produced in Bradford - the small town in the northwestern part of Pennsylvania, where it all started. The lighters are handmade and undergo 40 different processes during production.This is the right Zippo ligther, made specifically for...

    349,00 DKK
  • Cushion blanket Cushion blanket
    Cushion blanket

    Exclusive masonic pillow with nice gold embroidery with sq & compass. Contains a large fleeced rug.The pad measures 42x32cmThe carpet measures 160x140cm

    499,00 DKK
  • Poster Nicolas Poussin
    Poster Nicolas Poussin

    Poster of the praised image from the Louvre Museum "IN AN ARCADIA ECO" by Nicolas Poussin.There is a lot of mystery about this picture from southern France. Read with great advantage the excellent article in Frimurer from 27 August 2009, by br. Erling Haagensen.Size 72 x 60cm

    299,00 DKK
  • Masonic Square & Compass Bookmark
    Masonic Square & Compass Bookmark

    Masonic Square & Compass Bookmark; gold plated and polished to a very high standard

    169,00 DKK
  • Car tag with cross
    Car tag with cross

    This is the right sticker.Unlike other brands on the market, this brand is heraldically correct.Here is a black edge, as opposed to, for example. a gold edge. According to heraldry, one can not put gold beside white, which is silver in heraldry. Most importantly is the correct execution of the cross. On this beautiful sticker the cross has straight sides,...

    79,00 DKK
  • Car tag sq & compass
    Car tag sq & compass

    Car label exclusively done and measures 4.5x6cm.With sq & Compass in "gold"Thick quality.The white in the tag becomes a bit darker / pale yellow with time so it looks a little "old".

    79,00 DKK
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