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  • Top hat Chapeau Claque Top hat Chapeau Claque
    Top hat Chapeau Claque

    Black collapsible top hat in the well-known silk quality. This is the original collapsible mason top hat of the best quality. Also used by mayors, chimneysweepers, musicians, the groom for weddings, etc. You measure your size with a soft tape measure around your head where the hat is supposed to be. Does the measuring tape for example show 60 cm you will...

    4 899,00 DKK
  • Luxury hat box
    Out of stock
    Luxury hat box

    Luxury hat box for the top hat.Better described as a bag, as it is portable.Equipped with hank and associated long strap.Perfect for a top hat.Made in lined polyester and leather.Measure approx. 30x35mc.

    850,00 DKK
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