Many have asked which jewelry you may use as a freemason and especially what you cannot use.

The basic rule is that all brothers of all degrees may use all types of square & compasses, crosses etc.

However, there is an exception to our gold jewelry, where there is a specific 10th degree jewelry series that cannot be used unless you have a 10th degree. In addition, there are rules for our gold rings. See more about rings below.

There is a common misunderstanding among brothers that you may only wear jewelry with the red cross if you have at least 8th degree. This is not true (see answer from highest position on official request ultimo 2013)

We have 2 rings: a 3rd degree ring and a 8th degree ring. These rings may only be carried by brothers with these degrees and above.

We offer masonic swords ​​from WKC Solingen as these are of the best quality. All brothers of all degrees may carry this sword. The WKC Solingen sword is the best on the market, not to be confused with swords from Spanish Toledo and Solingen copies.

In order to buy swords you must be able to show a weapons license.
Red handles and red sheath can only be used from 8th degree lodges.

Top hat:
All brothers from 3rd degree upwards may use a top hat. Our hats are of absolute best quality from Germany.

Read more under the product Top Hat in the Masonic Clothing Category for advice and guidance.

We only carry the best quality glass from our manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic has a long tradition of being the best glassmakers, which is absolutely something you can see at our glass and decanters.

Our shirts are in the absolutely best quality and are made of thin fabric so it is to wear under a vest and a jacket. Measure yourself around the neck + 1 cm. and you have your shirt size.

I hope this little guide to our masonic items has answered some of your questions.

You are always welcome to call me at +45 2060 5111 if you need further information.