I started DFdesign (Danish Freemasonry Design) back in 2006.

My wife and I received a gift for the opening of our clothing store, which was 2 Icons from Mogens Leander

Since I am a Freemason (10th degree), I thought that something was missing. Upon closer examination, I found out that Leander had also made the Icon Mercy.

But still I was missing two virtues, so I contacted Mogens Leander and together we made the Icons Silence and Caution. The website was created and soon more items was added, such as swords, top hat, etc.

It is extremely important to me that our items are of the best quality, as well as I do a lot to offer the best service.

We are located near Copenhagen, where you are more than welcome to come by if you wish to see or try some of our items.

Give me a call on +45 2060 5111 and book an appointment.

Do you have ideas for new items, I would like to hear from you as well as complaints and compliments always are welcome.

Lars Bang

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