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In collaboration with the Danish artist Mogens Leander, now presents these unique works of art, Especially designed for freemasons.
For about 10 years ago we made the great icons, silence, cautiousness, courage and mercy that today hangs and adorns many Danish, Swedish and Norwegian homes.
We can now proudly present the results of our latest collaboration: the portal.
The portal symbolizes the evolution you perceive as you come from the profane world and join the Freemasons Order or the Pool. Here you go through a development and get a higher insight as you step into the chain and as you rise in the degrees.
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All Freemason-Bronze portals are UNIKA - ie. that there is only one copy, because the shape that the portal is cast after burns away during the molding process.
In addition, all portals differ from each other - as both the symbols used and the built-in inscriptions-alternate from figure to figure.

Mogens Leander writes about the creation of the portals:
Bronze is an alloy of approx. 90% copper and 10% tin. Melting point is about 1200 degrees. After the bronze figure is knocked out of its shape - a larger work begins to eradicate the character - like being knocked - brushed and files and any cast channels left out. This is called ciselation. Finally, polish it out. and various patents with hazardous chemicals can begin.

Venice is the town of Mogens Leander every year returning to. The city's so-called decay, its crackling doors and ruinous walls, its humid and peeled walls - in conjunction with visits to the city's churches and basilica - always give inspiration to new ideas that are conceived. Also, Rome's residence has set aside traces, not least in the series: Catacombs - Temple & Mausoleum, created after studies of the city's underground catacombs, with their distinctive patina and cave-like closeness, the feeling of being among the thousands awaiting the great apocalypse.

The portal is made of 100% pure bronze.
Weight: Approx. 1kg.
Height: Approx. 14.5cm
Width: Approx. 8.8cm
Depth: Approx. 3.5cm

When ordering the portal, some delivery time is required.

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